Mark, Vern & The Parker imports Staff,

Thanks so much! I can’t thank you enough.  I came in a couple of days ago with car problems.  The customer service from you guys was out of this world! Awesome!  I did not even have and appointment and you guys still looked at my car and did everything in less than an hour.  I will refer you to  people I know!  I wanted to sen you a card to le you know how much I appreciated your great customer service.  I think sometimes people don’t show appreciations when they get treated well, but I do!  You guys did a great job!  Thanks Again.

–Mindy M.


Hey Mark,

This is a current, sore subject with me, so your message is timely.

I was getting recurring “Check engine” messages on my car and mcDonald Audi did multiple costly repairs that did not resolve the issue.  Fed up, I took it to Parker Imports (by Loaf & Jug at Parker Rd & E-470) last Friday and they found a worn cam follower in minutes.  rather than simply perform the repair and charge me, Parker Imports called around and helped reveal that this very expensive work is covered by a new, Audi-offered, extended warranty.  Unfortunately I had to take the car to McDonald for these warranty repair.

For their integrity, diligence, technical competence, reasonable prices and speed, I plan to do business exclusively with Parker Imports in the Future.




…We went to Parker Imports for some minor repairs on my Mercedes and were treated wonderfully by Mark.  It is so nice to knowI don’t have to go to the dealership in Littleton to keep my car humming!



My 200 Honda Civic easily passed its emissions inspection on May 10, 2011.

Thank you so much for your efforts in getting it ready for this event”

And thank you SO MUCH for not charging me for the time you spent working on it.