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Keep car repair costs down with KEN CARYL IMPORTS

Exclusive Low Auto Repair Rates are available at Ken Caryl Imports. Our dedicated team in Ken Caryl is continuously striving to offer you cost-effective solutions with our competitive rates. We achieve this by establishing fair pricing structures and efficiently managing our time. Additionally, we regularly introduce enticing money-saving promotions! Be sure to visit us each month to discover new opportunities to minimize your auto repair expenses.


$5.00 Off any Parts/Service $50-$99
$15.00 Off any Parts/Service $100-$199
$30.00 Off any Parts/Service $200-$499
$50.00 Off any Parts/Service $500+

A/C Service

Evac & Recharge
Check System for leaks

Plus tax. Certain restrictions apply.

Timing Belt Replacement

10% Off

Certain restrictions apply.

4 Wheel Alignment

German Vehicles – $200.00
Domestic & Japanese Vehicles  – $110.00

Plus tax. Certain restrictions apply.

Stay ahead of the auto repair cost game with KEN CARYL Imports

The “Specials” section at Ken Caryl Imports serves a dual purpose beyond showcasing our exceptional offers. It also equips you with valuable information to maintain and enhance the longevity of your vehicle. Have queries regarding our promotions? Feel free to reach out to a helpful member of our automotive repair team.

Exclusive Low Auto Repair Rates

At Ken Caryl Imports, our aim is to foster customer loyalty and satisfaction by minimizing visits to the repair shop. How can you effectively reduce car repair expenses? Here’s our expert guidance:

  1. Adhere to your vehicle’s factory-recommended maintenance schedule.
  2. Address repairs promptly to prevent potential escalation into more costly issues.
  3. Seek advice and explore service options from our knowledgeable professionals.
  4. Regularly monitor factors like tire pressure and promptly adjust as necessary.
  5. Optimize errands to minimize unnecessary trips.

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